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Soul Transformation Therapy

Soul Transformation Therapy may be the next step after a Soul Plan Reading if you need a boost on your pathway or you remain stuck in a repetitive cycle.

A Soul Plan Archetype Tarot Deck is used to determine the polarity affecting you and then the challenge or block which is preventing you from progressing or connecting to your Soul Plan.

As part of the Soul Transformation Practitioner's toolkit we are trained in different skills, techniques and methods to help you work through the unconscious heart and soul core issues you may be experiencing.

Some of these involve bringing sub-conscious issues to conscious awareness. We work on the outside in and the inside out.

One of the reasons I love this work is that it can also be used for spiritual growth and personal development, even where there are no obvious symptoms presenting.

These sessions usually last approximately 1-1 ½ hours depending on what is presenting or we are being 'led' to work on.

Requiring a Soul Transformation Therapy session will be discussed during your Soul Plan Reading.

An example of what a part of Soul Plan reading will look like.

The downward triangle represents your worldy aspects and usually refers to the first phase of your life - establishing your place in the world, society and working towards your career goals.

The upward triangle represents your spiritual aspects and usually refers to the second phase of life, approx. 35 years onwards. As our knowledge and experience of the world deepends, we generally become more spiritual and connected, feeling that there is something bigger than ourselves.

You do not have to receive a Soul Plan Reading to have a Soul Transformation Therapy session but it will optimise the session and the transformation.

"At a more profound level, when we fully connect with our soul, we move beyond individual identity".
Blue Marsden (2013) Soul Plan - Reconnect with your true life purpose