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Soul Plan Reading

A Soul Plan Reading gives you an informed insight to the worldly and spiritual challenges you may face during your lifetime and the worldly and spiritual talents you possess to overcome them to achieve your goals or aspirations.

An example of what a part of a Soul Plan reading will look like.

The downward triangle represents your worldly aspects and usually refers to the first phase of your life - establishing your place in the world, society and working towards your career goals.

The upward triangle represents your spiritual aspects and usually refers to the second phase of life, approx. 35 years onwards. As our knowledge and experience of the world deepens, we generally become more spiritual and connected, feeling that there is something bigger than ourselves.

It's all in a name!

The name you were given at birth carries an energetic and dominant vibration; this remains the major influence throughout your life which determines your layout for the soul plan reading. This tells you the skills and talents you possess to overcome the challenges and blocks so you can move forward with your life to achieve and align with your soul purpose.

If you have changed your name, this is also significant and influences the challenges, talents and goals but will require a separate reading and a different method of interpretation.

Activate your soul plan, become aligned with your soul purpose and gain a greater sense of being and life satisfaction.

When you receive a reading to will gain insights into clearing many of the redundant issues that hold you back, trauma patterning and limiting beliefs, you will also gain an insight into health and illness aspects where relevant.

Let go of the things you no longer need or are holding you back!

Your soul plan sends you a soul message and a soul purpose summary highlighting what a unique and special individual you are and can help you determine or focus on your contribution to yourself and the world.

Invest in yourself - What have you got to lose?

"Look into the mirror of what is perceived. It reflects back to nobody, it reflects back to no mind"
Blue Marsden (2013) Soul Plan - Reconnect with your true life purpose.