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High Touch Jin Shin (Acupressure) "Butterfly Touch" 

"the compassionate being" also known as the art of "knowing and helping myself".
Betsy Ruth Dayton, M.Ed.

Master Jiro Murai wrote the first modern version of this art in Japan.  He lived during the early part of the 20th century and was a man of great intellect combined with intuition and a highly developed power of mind over matter.  He had a profound understanding of the science of acupuncture as well as a deep intuitive knowledge of the art of natural healing.

Jiro Murai died in the early nineteen sixties.  Two of his students, Mary Burmeister in the U.S. and Haruki Kato in Japan, continued teaching this art as handed down by Master Jiro Murai.  Today many thousands of people benefit from this art form.

Affectionately called 'Jin Shin' it is gentle and non invasive. The person receiving the treatment is encouraged to relax. this enables the energy to circulate to whichever depth the person needs, accessing all levels of the energy flow.

As well as receiving full treatments you will be given 'homework' by your Therapist where you can continue to treat yourself at home until your next session with your Practitioner. This keeps the energy flowing and enhances the next treatment you receive, adding to a speedy sense of harmony and well-being.

My teacher, Heidi Ritz from the USA is inspirational and was able to release a healing in me that had been lodged for a long time.

This therapy is gentle but extremely powerful, I am always surprised by the endless results my clients encounter.

I am a practitioner and I also hold self help workshops.

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This is a journey of transformation where you let go of anything you no longer need or that is holding you back.